Elon Musk is the impetuous Tesla Motors CEO, also he has been popular to create several dare announcements. Even if he’s discussing about the price of li-ion batteries in the next years or when his own company would offer the fresh Tesla Model S all-electric sedan to state nothing about departure the earth with SpaceX he has a big idea.

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He’s often completely optimistic, but lately he was directing watchful. Talking at the National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas, he stated that:

“The challenge that Tesla faces over the next few months is scaling production enough to achieve a certain gross margin on our product so we can be cash flow positive. That’s extremely important. If we’re unable to do that, we’ll enter the grave yard with all the other car company startups of the last 90 years.”

Tesla Model S all-electric sedan

Tesla Model S all-electric sedan

Elon Musk Quote about Tesla Motors

Perceived like Musk is stating that if Tesla Motors factory can’t build up production to keep certain internal aims (we would make a speculation something about the recently referenced 5,000 units by the final stage of 2012), then the auto manufacturer could shut down. As GigaOM bring it, achieving to 5,000 in the next 4-and-a-half months, is “like the Monster Truck version of ramp ups: totally extreme.”

Mix this ride with the pressure to not create any faults, and you’ve obtained the formula for another Musk citation. From the Summit, he stated, “It’ll definitely be a very tough road over the next 6 months. We can’t afford to make a lot of mistakes.”

Whether its 6 months, 4 and a half months, a several months, what is gonna be the difference? The true question is whether Tesla Motors can get the targets which Musk himself states are important to maintain the automaker out of the automotive burial ground.


If you’re looking for a used hybrid pickup for sale

While it’s already possible to get your hands on a used hybrid pickup, it now appears that it won’t be easy at least not until the latter half of 2008. GM introduced two hybrid pickup trucks back in 2004; the Hybrid Chevy Silverado and the Hybrid Chevrolet Sierra. Unfortunately, these hybrid trucks were much different than many of the true hybrid vehicles we see on the road today. In fact, these hybrid pick-ups only improved their fuel economy by about 10%, getting a mere 2 MPG better than their non-hybrid counterparts.

In 2007, GM quit building these two hybrid pickup models due in part to little buzz and slow sales figures. Overall, it’s estimated that only 2500 to 3500 of these pickups ever sold to the public. The really exciting news is that GM plans to roll out a new line of hybrid pickups in 2008, most likely later in the year. Assuming these will again be green versions of the Silverado and Sierra, you can bet that as “real hybrid pickups”, with 25% or greater gas mileage the demand will be much greater. If you’re looking for a used hybrid pickup for sale, a year from now your wait should be over.

It’s uncertain whether or not other manufacturers will beat GM to market by offering their version of a hybrid pickup before Q4, 2008. Honda plans to introduce a hybrid Ridgeline, but likely not until 2009…and possibly not in a V8 version until 2010 or 2011. In 2005, Toyota showed off their FTX full-size hybrid pickup “concept vehicle but there has not been much news since then. Regardless of whether it’s ’08 or ’09, one thing is for certain. The market for hybrid pickups is going to be big, really big. Pickups already account for more than 1/3 of all vehicles sold in the U.S. Once they start rolling off the showroom floor, used hybrid pickups will be even hotter. It will be interesting to see which companies are poised to handle the demand for these more eco-friendly trucks.

Hybrid trucks and Hybrid Buses will rock!

Hybrid Buses are popping up all over the place, and if you follow the industry you can seldom go a week without hearing about another city that’s purchased an entire fleet. One of the leaders in the hybrid bus market is GM, and a quick review on their website indicates that more than 700 GM hybrid-powered buses have been delivered to more than 50 U.S. cities.

King County (Seattle, WA) has operated a fleet of more than 200 GM hybrid buses for nearly three years, and according to the Associated Press, they ordered another 500 of these hybrids from New Flyer in 2007 (GM supplies New Flyer’s hybrid system). Below is a link to an article & video we found on MSN showing how these hybrids are benefiting the environment, and the potential impact they will have when they become more prevalent. Used hybrid buses to set to hit the market, as these hybrid buses are rated for 12 years of usage.

Used Hybrid Bus

GM states, “If America’s nine largest cities replaced their transit fleets—totaling 13,000 buses—with GM’s hybrid buses, the cities would save 40 million gallons of fuel each year—a greater savings than 500,000 small hybrid vehicles. “. With thousands of these green machines hauling millions of people around the largest cities in the country, the next big opportunity will be smaller metropolitan areas looking to get their hands on used hybrid buses. And which company will be in the best position to provide these communities with a used hybrid bus fleet? Quite possibly the company that gets found online. Magic Bus! (MSN Hybrid Bus Article / Video)

Audi R18 E-Tron Quattro Show His Power at the Le Mans Circuit


In case of you have a rough sledding understanding how is it must be like to ride in a 24-hour continuance competition, you are definitely eager to see the video beneath. You will watch an Audi R18 e-tron quattro – the quickest vehicles on the competition course at Le Mans, by a shred, over the likewise hybrid-engine Toyota TS 030 mechanicals – rounded the well-know French course later on the sun set.

Audi R18 e-tron quattro

Audi R18 e-tron quattro

Bear in mind that the video below is only 3 minutes length, moreover, the unyielding commitment shown by the Audi R18 driver Tom Kristensen is definitely on exhibit. As a plus incentive, we have also added an evening circle of the course in a Chevrolet Corvette C6 ZR1. Take a closer look about twenty seconds into the 2nd video and you will watch just how shivery interesting this type of race can be

Volkswagen Debut the Why VW Campaign

Volkswagen Debut the Why VW Campaign – Volkswagen has started off a quite new selling campaign titled Why VW campaign to collect also contributions some stories from the real VW owners, convey advantage of social media in all the new path. It’s all fresh website,, contributions data concerning Volkswagen also its merchandise along with stories presented by owners in one built-in platform. The website is divided into 2 segments: ‘Values’ and ‘Stories’. The Values segment is being in focus on data about the German auto manufacturer’s merchandises along with short movies displaying owners, while the Stories segment is consist of user-created substance thanks to Facebook.

To encourage consumer involvement also story sharing, the auto manufacturer will indiscriminately be giving away special spruces like the event tickets also Volkswagen gear. The Why VW campaign starts off with a new advertorial called ‘Smiles’, displaying: “simple, human moments of people of all ages laughing to highlight the positivity of the brand,” in accordance to the VW.

“Year after year, we receive countless stories from VW owners that sum up the unique passion people have for the brand, but we haven’t had a great way to curate or share them until now,” stated Kevin Mayer, VP Marketing, Volkswagen of America, Inc concerning the Why VW campaign. “The Why VW campaign provides a new creative outlet for our owners and fans to share their individual Volkswagen stories with the world, and allows us to engage with them in a more meaningful way,” he adds.

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